Studio Views: Nanda Smits

Paris the cat with the claw crane behindNanda at work

Nanda Smits has a Masters in art installations from the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam. After nine years of study she realised that she wanted to stay closer to the craft of making and producing art. She compares her technique to that of a mad scientist. She still makes and arranges installations but dedicates most of her time creating ceramic art which can be found in private collections. She works in the ‘Het Stroomhuis’ art complex in Eindhoven (Netherlands), which is run by Andre Amaro (founder of Amaro Creative Industries).

How long have you been here?

My workspace is in a building called “Het Stroomhuis:” in Eindhoven (NL). This workspace is also our living room where we come up with crazy ideas for our company called Amara Creative Industries. When I moved in here in 2010, I first started making silkscreen prints for bands, festivals and comic book illustrators. I also have a chocolate studio in another corner of this building. For the past five years I have been making ceramic art. The ceramic kiln is kept in our living room which keeps it nice and warm in winter. 

Why here?

Seven years ago, I moved to Breda from Eindhoven, to be with the love of my life. I am originally from Eindhoven and I got homesick.  Andre Amaro offered me this workspace so I could be back in Eindhoven on a daily basis and be surrounded by my friends. I am now in a perfect situation that home in Breda means relaxing and Eindhoven is my workspace.

What made you decide to take it?

I did not have to think twice before taking it!

What is it about the space that you like?

I like the building, it is like a bunker. It can feel very far removed from the outside world which is good for those days I really need to concentrate on a new piece of work and want to work alone. Some days, this place is packed with people which I love. As my workspace is in the living room of the complex, my colleagues who live here cook amazing meals and I get to brainstorm and come up with new ideas while sitting at the table. This space also serves as a backstage area for bands who perform here so I get to meet new people and tell them about my fascination with making things. Me being here always makes people smile.

What is your favourite item in your studio?

The claw crane which serves as a bed for the cats (Paris and Hilton) who live here.

How much time do you spend here?

As much as possible.

What is your favourite memory of the studio so far?

I am always happy to make stuff here. Being here is a continuous happy memory. 

If you could change anything, what would you change?

Nothing. I hope nothing ever changes here, I know it may but I really hope not!

If you could add anything, what would you add?

I would like to have a Twin Peaks floor pattern.

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